शुक्रवार, जून 27

शमां सी तू

एक लम्हा भी तौ ये नही बदलती है,
जिंदगी मेरी तेरी साँसों से चलती है

एक ही सा दर्द है हम दोनों का ,
ठोकर मुझे लगे और तू सम्भ्लती है

फूल सा नाजुक तेरा चेहरा
आँख तितली सी चहकती है

रौशनी मेरे घर में फैला किए
शमा सी तू जो कहीं जलती है

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seema gupta ने कहा…

एक ही सा दर्द है हम दोनों का ,
ठोकर मुझे लगे और तू सम्भ्लती है

"beautiful with emotions"

बेनामी ने कहा…

Sure bhai,
'Iqbal' is one of the greatest Urdu poets, there is one shayr looks zindagi from a very positive perspective (you know we are newly married and have that joyfully positive life to look forward to)from his pen, hope you will enjoy:

"too isay imrozay farda say na naap,
jaavedaan paiham rawan hardam jawaan hai zindagee"

Ghaalib has defined 'zindagi' in another way
"zindagee kya hai anaasir mein zahooray tarteeb
maut kya hai inheen ajzaa ka pareeshaan hona"

and i and your bhabhi have only one definition:
"zindagee kuch bhi naheen, teri meri kahanee hai"

Are you noticing that i have only been able to comment on your first shayr and could not go further.

it looks like you have so much in each of your stanzas that needs alot to be written. But i am not able to comment futher after your shayr chosen by Seema Gupta's expert comments:"ek hi dard hum dono ka"

Your poetry is excellent.
...............shubh chintak